white dry table wine

«CHARDONNAY» wine of «Kuban Crown» line – is a high quality Russian wine made from selected grapes of «Chardonnay sort».

It has a light golden color and a refreshing balanced taste with the notes of apricot and honey, and well expressed flavor of dried fruits and nuts.

This wine perfectly complements fish dishes, salads and fruits. It should be served chilled at 14-16 °C. 

Volume 0,75 l
ABV 10-12%
Bottle Storica
Caloric content 330kJ\100ml, 80kcal\100ml, Carbohydrates - 0.2 g
Pieces in pack 6
Expiration date Not limited under the conditions of storage
Storage The ventilated, without foreign smell premises preventing from direct sunlight, at a temperature of 5 to 20C and relative humidity of 85%
Country of Origin Russia


Interesting facts

  • According to numerous evidences, they began to cultivate Chardonnay in a small village in Burgundy Chardonnay with a similar name, which means "overgrown thistle." Moreover, the only province in France, where it is not growing, is Bordeaux.
  • In the wine bouquet by the "Diamond" Holding you can recognize the subtle notes of dried fruits, nuts and honey.
  • Wines from Chardonnay perfectly accentuate seafood - from lobster to shrimp. Also, pay particular attention to smoked salmon, various salads and pasta.
  • Grape the variety of Chardonnay and even useful! Berries contain trace elements that are beneficial to the body's performance: sodium lead to normal balance of water, potassium - helps the heart, calcium - improve bone growth and magnesium contribute to good digestion. The main thing - do not overdo it with the remedy!

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