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Anniversary year of the Great Victory!

Mr.Mozgovenko and Diamond Holding
We will always remember about the war. This memory runs in the blood of our nation. Almost every Russian family has lost someone during the war, some died of starvation in the blockage, some died of wounds or were captives.
Our fathers and grandfathers silently watch over us from the past. The Great Patriotic War was the most tragic period in our History. 
Diamond holding employees Tatyana Vakhova and Elena Meretskaya noted down a new story from the veteran known as Ivan Mozgovenko

Last year, in the middle of February, in the Big hall of the Gnessin state musical college, in front of a large audience, a coincidence occured. A clarinet player came on the scene and performed “Overture on Hebrew Themes” by Sergey Prokofiev. The coincidence was that the clarinet who played was celebrating his 90-th birthday! His name is Ivan Mozgovenko, he is a famous Russian musician and a teacher, professor of the Gnessin State Musical College, the People's artist of Russia. His name is famous in the musical world of the former USSR, in Europe, America. He educated a lot of musicians, and with lots of years of tutorial and creative activities, he became the patriarch of the Russian clarinet school. 


The whole history of our country reflected in the destiny of Ivan Mozgovenko. It was both tragic and heroic. He was born in a rural family that was repressed at the beginning of the 30th. He spent his childhood in GULAG.  In 1943 as a student at the Music Academy in Sverdlovsk he volunteered to be at the frontline. As part of the Urals volunteer tank corps, he worked at the medical and sanitary battalion. He is decorated with the Order of the Patriotic War, a Red Star and a medal “For services in the battles”. 

- Tell us, please, about the most memorable days during the terrifying war. 

I volunteered twice. I was in Astrakhan when the war started. It is difficult to express the tension of patriotic moods among the young people: we charged to the frontline shouting “We will rock you! We will beat your faces!” It had been only two years I started playing in the orchestra at the Urals when I received a call-up from the military commissariat. 
I became the command officer and tutor of the military musical troop after the war. I am glad that my students are all over the world – in America, in Canada, in France. Not so long ago we celebrated our 70th anniversary at the college.   
In my opinion, the most memorable day of the War was when I participated in the legendary meeting with the allies of the anti-Hitler coalition on the 26th of April, 1945 near the river Elbe. Every year, our longevity decreases and only a few of us are left of those who became friends that memorable spring. Not so long ago, one of the American veterans decided to invite all  the surviving members for a get-together and of course, we took a lot of pictures, and felt sorry that the ties of our friendship strengthened with a collective fight against a bitter enemy even now are not so strong. However, it is certain that there will be a TV broadcast of this meeting in the USA. It is a good thing that you as well asked for this meeting in remembrance and to acknowledge us (veterans). This is a heartwarming act that means nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. 

I have performed in different countries abroad and I have never met people who strive to fight against us except fascist brats. They were always considered as enemies to humanity. I worry a lot about the situation in Ukraine, because I personally participated in the battle to rescue Kiev.  

 - Mr.Mozgovenko, How do you see the future, what is your heart’s desire?

I wish there is peace all over the world. That’s all people thought about during the war. Now, I have 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. What else can I wish them except a peaceful sky above their heads? I wish you all goodness and happiness… 

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