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Brand SPELO-ZRELO won the “Product of the Year 2013”

Conservation SPELO-ZRELO  - Product of the Year 2013

Diamond Holding is in a hurry to share wonderful news: The SPELO-ZRELO brand has won a medal for the quality of its goods at the exhibition World Food 2013, and has received the title "Product of the Year 2013"!

Throughout the years, demanding jury select the best brands at this international exhibition.

The SPELO-ZRELO brand has provided the tasting panel with products from a sweet group of berries and citrus fruits that have been pureed with sugar.

The range of SPELO-ZRELO pureed berries contains more than 12 varieties and positions itself as a product for the whole family, tasty and much more useful than the usual jam. The SPELO-ZRELO pureed berry is not exposed to prolonged heat treatment and therefore it retains all its beneficial properties!

The jury at the WorldFood 2013 exhibition awarded the company Diamond Product Ltd. with the silver medal and the title "Product of the Year 2013" and a commemorative certificate at a solemn ceremony, in the presence of senior managers of manufacturing companies, leading industry experts and journalists.

The Diamond Group is proud of its achievements in the conservation market and continues to improve its products, expand the product range and offer consumers the best fruit and vegetable conservation from the  SPELO-ZRELO brand! 

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