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Diamond Holding owns printing press

Diamond Holding team
The month of July marks a new era for Diamond holding as it takes a new step towards the first publication of its own corporate newsletter “All facets of success!” - a specially printed press edition that is colorful, animated, informative and useful. It will reflect the latest news and events within the company in all fields from production of new products and sales to public events and corporate parties.
The Editorial board, headed by its mastermind the President of Diamond holding Zaur Balagov, on the pages of the newsletter published in short, but clear words, the historical successes of sales leaders and leading specialists from different departments. The editorial also presents in colorful pictures and illustrations everyday life and company holidays, newly designed products in the assortment. It provides information on social and charity projects, medals and awards. It reports the President’s message for high target achievements.
Diamond Holding issue

The main idea of this new project of the company is to bring the employees together on a positive note, to show the employees how dynamic and creative the company they work for is, to disclose the most unexpected talents and to allow themselves to feel as part of a big and strong team and to be oriented for the most rigorous tasks.

When you take a newsletter in your hands, all of a sudden you understand that the day to day life in the Company is not limited to drab existence and business discussions, but filled with bright and interesting events. Everyone will be waiting impatiently for the next issue – the editorial team promised to publish the winners of the picture contest with great prizes, crossword and first writing attempts of employees. The corporate newsletter “All facets of success!” promises to be a real chronicle of Russian food and drink products manufacturer Diamond holding.

Diamond Holding team
Diamond holding – All facets of success!
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