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Diamond Holding on TV channel «Russia 24»!

Zaur Balagov

Zaur Balagov, the president of Diamond Holding gave an interview to the federal TV-channel «Russia 24», where he revealed the main reasons for the success of the brand of fruit and vegetable preservation «SPELO-ZRELO» even during the uneasy economic situation. 

«To tell you the truth, there is nothing that obstructs us– we do not feel any administrative pressure. There are just established competitive moments that we contend with. This is just business. Generally speaking, everything depends on us and how much creativity we put in, how many ideas we have, how persistent we will be in achieving our goals» - Zaur Balagov said, answering the questions of the correspondent. 

The advantages of our brand «SPELO-ZRELO» to that of our competitors are evident, since we produce exclusively high quality products at Russian factories. The national fruitful fields yield perfect fruits and vegetables for our production and we in our terms share with our buyers. 

Новый дизайн Спело-Зрело

Everyone is afraid of the crisis, but only a few understand that it gives a lot of opportunities to national food product companies, and the trade mark «SPELO-ZRELO» as well. It is the perfect time for the displacement of foreign goods from the supermarket shelves with Russian ones. The announcement by the Russian government on import policy phase-out is finally in action and national products expand their assortments in the shops. 
Many companies cannot cope with the competition and therefore leave, proving disability to guarantee appropriate quality and favorable price at this time. As at this year, there is a lack of positive economic forecasts, but for Diamond holding, we are still aspiring to gain new heights – we as never before are ready to gain the confidence of a lot of our customers with perfect quality of manufactured food products in Russia. 
Diamond Holding – your reliable partner!

Diamond holding
Zaur Balagov

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