30 December 2017 rss

Diamond Holding wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

This year was not easy not only in the country, but all over the world. Nevertheless, we were able to achieve all the goals set, as well as lay a new foundation for great victories in the future. Let this year be remembered only from the positive side, and all the difficulties will be just a passed stage.

I would like to express special gratitude to our reliable partners and favorite clients, without which we did not achieve such high results.

In the coming 2018, we planned the implementation of many strategic projects for the company. And this is only the beginning of the road. I am confident that the team will cope with all the tasks posed dignified, because it is possible for those who do not stop on their laurels and strive to conquer new peaks.

On the eve of this wonderful and magical holiday, I would like to wish everyone interesting work, happiness, prosperity and good health to you and your family!


Best Regards, "DIAMOND" Holding
Zaur Balagov
Diamond Holding's President





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