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Diamond Holding’s team congratulated the USSR Marshall Yazov D.T.

Diamond Holding’s team congratulated the USSR Marshall Yazov D.T.

YAZOV DMITRIY: from a private to a Marshall

He was a 17-year old boy from Yazovo in Omsk province, when he requested to go to the frontline in the autumn of 1941; he never did consider himself as a soldier who would want to become a General. But he did become a General and not only a General, but also a Marshall of the Soviet Union. Today, he is the only Marshall and the last one who is alive. He also became the Defense Minister of a huge nuclear country.  
- Dmitriy Timofeevich, how are you feeling today? – we ask him in his cabinet at the Ministry of Defense on Znamenka street. 

- How can a person feel who has celebrated his 90th year anniversary half a year ago?  - he answered with a new question. – Of course, my legs are not so strong as before, and the memory set me back sometimes.

- How could this be real, even today, you could tell us by heart  “ Eugeniy Onegin”?  - We asked inquisitively. – For certain, during the war after 2 wounds at the frontline you should have felt much worse? 

- What are you talking about, - he smiles,  – At that time, in youth, everything healed so quick. And a little book of Pyshkin was with me all the time: at school, and at the frontline, and in the hospital. 

… Dmitriy got to the frontline only in august 1942, and was called up for military service in November 1941.  He did not graduate from middle school but he did receive a diploma many years after – in 1953. He falsified his age because boys in the village did not have passports and was admitted in Moscow at the Krasnoznamenskoye infantry school named after the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. At that time, it was located in Novosibirsk. After that, on the long way to Moscow, in a heated freight car, that became the classroom for a private who studied different machine guns “the Maxim”, an automatic rifle called Degtyaryov, Tokarev; a self-loading rifle, mortar-guns, pistols, bombshells and even captured weapons. It was a trial by fire the soldiers of the 177th rifle division got during 3-days intense battles near Leningrad. At the same place in August, he was wounded and contused. Later after 2 months, he came from the hospital, took charge of the rota, replacing the captain who had fallen in battle. He participated in the Leningrad blockade running, during the offensive operations in Pribaltika, and also in the blockage of Kurlyandskaya from a group of enemies. 

- Dmitriy Timofeevich, what were your most memorable events at the frontline?

Diamond Holding’s team congratulated the USSR Marshall Yazov D.T.

 - There are 2 of them: one is quite sad, and the second I have fond memories of. Let me start with the sad one. We had just arrived from the training school to the unit's frontlines of Volkhovskiy. We were paraded and ordered to move to the nearby forest.  And there in the presence of the head of the political division department, the military attorney and the chief tribunal officer and in front of the whole formation was the execution (head shot) of the head of troops named Stepanov who had run from the field of battle and abandoned his subdivision, which managed to repel the tank attacks of the enemy without him. Just on the eve of Stalin’s order №227, it was announced: “No retreat”. 
The most joyful day was the Leningrad blockade running on the 27th of January 1944, while our unit like others showed courage and Warcraft. 
It was impossible to describe our feelings at that time. There is a very exact poetry about this occasion from a poet who survived the blockage: 
“Salute is thunder Salvo after salvo
The rockets are in the heated air
Like variegated flowers blooming 
And Leningrad people are crying silently”
There was a salute on Mars field from 300 weapons with 300 salvos”.  
- Let us congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts on the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory! We wish you good health, courage, good luck and happiness in your house. And thank you very much for this Victory! We would like to celebrate this holiday with you – let your table on this day be served with our delicious and healthy product “Spelo-Zrelo”. 
Diamond Holding’s team congratulated the USSR Marshall Yazov D.T.

- That’s wonderful, that you have arranged production of environmentally friendly products. The more we have such companies, the bigger part of questionable imported products from other firms will be substituted off our market. Indeed we live in the richest and most environmentally resourceful country!  We should try to work for the country in such a way, that it is beneficial as well as try to recover resources that were recently destroyed within last year’s production. It is also important to strengthen relationship between nations and those living in Russia and remember that it helped us win that dreadful war with a bitter enemy of the mankind.


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