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Holding "Diamond" congratulates all compatriots on the Day of Russia!

Holding "Diamond" congratulates all compatriots on the state holiday - the Day of Russia! Despite the fact that the Day of Russia is a young holiday, it has already gained popularity among the citizens of our great and powerful State. For a long time, June 12 remained Independence Day.

However, over time, this name has lost its relevance. Therefore, in 1998, the President Boris Yeltsin proposed to change the name of the state holiday on the Day of Russia and make it more understandable for new generations.

Holding Diamond, like many of us, respects our country, honors the great cultural and historical heritage, is proud of the world recognition of our powerful State. We are glad to see that the younger generation is being brought up in the spirit of patriotism, civil peace and universal justice. After all, the meaning of the state holiday is quite simple: it is the national unity and responsibility of citizens for the present and future of the beloved Motherland.

Holding "Diamond" - together only in a brighter future!

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