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Introducing the new RUSSIAN FOREST vodka!

Popular RUSSIAN FOREST vodka in a new design

Introducing the new RUSSIAN FOREST vodka!

Diamond Holding launched the popular RUSSIAN FOREST vodka in a new design!

Now, RUSSIAN FOREST vodka comes in a tall, slender bottle with the glass form of a tree bark relief!

The Graceful and thin bottleneck ends up with a natural cork, decorated with branch lines, lofting to the sun. The Superb high-class label is placed on the bottle as though it’s placed right on the tree’s trunk and you can read the brand’s name.

With the new design, RUSSIAN FOREST vodka becomes even closer to the Russian nature. It’s the pure implementation of the natural pureness and cold softness of the Russian forest itself!

Diamond Holding as a producer of alcoholic brands is proud that the RUSSIAN FOREST brand gained love and popularity within millions of Russians and that’s the reason why even in the newly designed bottles, the high quality of flavor remains the same – it’s still the same old soft vodka produced from the clearest artesian water and Lux spirit of multi-distillation.

RUSSIAN FOREST vodka – the pureness of Russian nature!

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