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Lent with «SPELO-ZRELO»

Lent is one of the most important and strict posts in Orthodox Christianity. This year it started on February 19 and will end on April 7.

During the whole Lent, the Church calls on all believers to observe the set of rules and not to eat meat and dairy products, eggs, butter and products with animal fat.

"Diamond" Holding offer products of the product brand "SPELO-ZRELO", which will help consumers to fast and fill the body with all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

A wide range of vegetable preservation "Spelo-Zrelo" is represented by crispy canned cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, homemade lecho and sunny patissons.

A group of legumes such as red beans, canned peas and corn will help you regain strength and fill the body with energy.

Canned mushrooms will become an indispensable product in the human diet during the entire fast. Because it is due to the high content of protein and amino acids, the body experiences a feeling of satiety and eliminates overeating.

Many useful recipes with the use of products "Spelo-Zrelo", you can find on the site:

The Group of Companies "Diamond" and TM "Spelo-Zrelo" with care in Lent!



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