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Marinated scapes – new product for health

Tasty marinated scapes Spelo-Zrelo
Diamond Holding, which is the manufacturer of food products, has produced its own effective remedy for cold and flu disease control.
The famous brand of fruit and vegetable preservation SPELO-ZRELO followed wise prescriptions of traditional medicine and is prepared with high quality for the cold season with a new product in the assortment – tasty marinated scapes, cooked as per ancient home recipe. 
Tasty marinated scapes Spelo-Zrelo
Spring garlic, which is the delicacy snack food, not only adds piquancy to any dish but perfectly fights harmful bacteria. Garlic is an irreplaceable remedy for the prevention of viral diseases. That’s why the new SPELO-ZRELO product is more than ever, a popular brand in the upcoming season of autumn and winter cold weather. 
It is impossible to make up a product which is rich in the same amount of healthy substances and vitamins. The main task of the company is to save all the necessary microelements in the composition of the product and preserve the quality of the natural product from the Russian fields to the final consumer. 
Eat SPELO-ZRELO marinated scapes and be healthy! 


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