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New milestone for Diamond Holding Spirit brands

Prowein 2015

Within 3 days, a crowd no fewer than 52000 visitors from 123 countries witnessed a world of wines and spirits at the biggest International Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.

На выставке Prowein 2015  На выставке Prowein 2015

The experts are unanimous in evaluating the Trade Fair saying “Whoever wants to be successful in this field on the world market should come to Dusseldorf!”
На стенде холдинга Даймонд на выставке Prowein 2015 На стенде холдинга Даймонд на выставке Prowein 2015

Diamond holding was not the least among 5970 exhibitors from all over the world and was adequately represented with its national brands of vodka – VALENKI, KASATKA, and RUSSIAN FOREST at their live, recognizable and distinguished stand. There were centers of attraction such as long-legged models, bear, Matryoshki, and a lot of enormous air-inflated felt-boot (valenki) balloons soaring over the heads of amazed visitors. The atmosphere was appealing to warm up with the best Russian vodka, after all, its well-known slogan is “It’s warmer together!”  

Надувной валенок от водки ВАЛЕНКИ
Дегустация продукции Холдинга Даймонд Prowein 2015 Дегустация продукции Холдинга Даймонд Prowein 2015

ProWein is also the biggest tasting arena in the world, where you can make your choice and discover an endless kaleidoscope of taps and variety of drinks and beverages. Nevertheless, Diamond stand was overcrowded with visitors as usual who were invited to taste our vodka by gorgeous, cheerful, friendly Russian girls wearing sundresses and kokoshnik (This is a Russian traditional dress detail. Translator’s comment). Everyone was tempted to snuggle and take pictures as a memento, after a shot of vodka. 

“Gaining access to the European market is not an easy task. This year, we have lots of things to be proud of” said Andrew Mishurov the deputy CEO for Diamond Holding during his interview with the European Mass Media. 

Андрей Мишуров дает интервью на выставке Prowein 2015

We were just informed that our KASATKA vodka won a silver medal in the most prestigious international contest, the Berlin International Spirits Competition for the best quality in taste. The medal will be presented during an official ceremony in Berlin, but today, the head of the contest, Mr. Adam Levi visited our stand to personally congratulate us. It’s a great pleasure for us, and it gives us confidence, that our vodka containing its unique recipe of sea-salt and natural amber extracts with lots of healthy impacts will suit  the taste of any sophisticated European customer.”

Адам Леви и Андрей Мишуров Водка KASATKA на Prowein 2015

Команда холдинга Даймонд Prowein 2015

Diamond holding

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