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Take a walk through the summer forest with RUSSIAN FOREST

New website updated vodka "Russian Forest"

There are strong snowstorms outside the window, but worshippers of the homeland nature are walking with the great pleasure through the lanes of the sunny Russian forest on the new website of Diamond Holding - Just one “click” – and you’re already enjoying the leaves susurration, purl of water and birds singing…

The main highlight of its design – panorama format. It seems like a recreated feeling, when you are standing in the middle of cleared woods, and if you turn around, you can see the extension of the passage with birch branches moving or you can see a creek, little bridge with canes and even the true forest bosom.

The website RUSSIAN FOREST fulfills the sparkling purity of nature, and most importantly – it appeals to the solicitous attitude of our forest.

After a long day, it’s so nice to sit down on a comfortable chair taking a shot glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage RUSSIAN FOREST with chasers, and conjointly, meet the whole new range of designs, ingredients and technologies of vodka production.

Ultimately, there is one intellectual surprise! Scroll till the end of the page and you’ll find something important and interesting!

Take a walk through the Russian forest with RUSSIAN FOREST vodka!

RUSSIAN FOREST vodka – purity of Russian nature!

Russkiy Les vodka

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