14 February 2018 rss

The results of the exhibition PRODEXPO – 2018

The largest exhibition "PRODEXPO-2018" has come to the end. Annually, for Diamond Holding this exhibition is a significant event where it is possible to strengthen relations with existing partners, and also to acquire new mutually beneficial contracts.

Of particular interest to the Diamond Group was the pavilion - "Spirits and Wine," which is one of the most ambitious alcohol projects in Russia.

This year the exhibition brought together over 30 countries on one site. It was interesting to see and assess the opportunities of foreign companies. Of special interest to us were the stands of France, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The exhibition "PRODEXPO" is also a unique opportunity to fully appreciate the potential of the Russian alcohol market and competing companies, learn about new players and trends in this industry, as well as demonstrate their capabilities and innovations.

As a result of the exhibition, you can draw several conclusions, for example, a segment with strong alcohol in the Russian market dominates the rest. And in particular, cognac producers even pushed vodka brands a little.

Also in Russia, there is a growing demand for wine from local producers, which significantly influences new trends.

But of special importance for the Diamond Holding were booths with new and innovative production technologies, glass containers, and raw materials companies.

To become a consumer favorite, you need to carefully consider the design of wine labels, since the consumer is guided by the price and appearance of the bottle.

Therefore, we try to pay special attention when choosing a supplier of a particular product, so that the quality and appearance of Diamond's own trademarks are always on top!




Assortiment of champagne