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Social projects - our course of development and the key to a brighter future!

Вручение благодарственного письма от Президента Фонда Л.В. Романова Руководителю Холдинга З.И.Балагову

Presentation of a letter of thanks from the President of the Foundation L.V. Romanova to the Head of the Holding Z. Balagov

"The loss of youth has for the fatherland the same significance as if the year had lost its spring."


Each company has its mission, values and chosen course of development. For the "Diamond" Holding, the social side of the formation of the Russian society plays a particularly important role. After all, we are responsible not only to buyers or partners, but also depends on each of us the cultural development and welfare of the country as a whole.

Over the past few years, there have been many changes in the world that touched on such aspects as spiritual values and the changing attitude of a person to history. The current generation often has a distorted idea of patriotism, spirituality, material wealth.

And the most urgent task for today for those who love their Motherland and cares about the future is the issue of patriotic education of youth, morals, healthy way of life.

That’s why, Diamond Holding has been supporting charitable, sports and cultural events for several years, as well as helping and assisting in the development of socially-oriented projects.

We express our gratitude to the Foundation for the Promotion of Sports and Medicine of the Hero of Russia, Colonel-General AA Romanov, for his thank-you letter and warm words.

We were happy to support the foundation in carrying out various activities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. This will help us together to achieve common socially significant goals.

Diamond Holding - A specific goal, supported by perseverance and faith, is the key to success and a bright future!


Zaur Balagov

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