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«SPELO-ZRELO» announces the results of the 2016 photo trip

«SPELO-ZRELO» announces the results of the 2016 photo trip

The time has come when the «Diamond» Holding sums up the competition "Travelling with «SPELO-ZRELO»", which a lot of people took part in!

People sent photos taken from all over the world: romantic France, hot Spain, Greece and sunny Crimea, the south of Russia, the Far East, the city of the Caucasus and Asia. Sightseeing, a trip out of the city to the dacha(country side), the sea depths - were not obstacles to make a good picture with the symbol of «SPELO-ZRELO». And we are pleased to congratulate the winners!

First place in the category for creativity went to Marina Bumanis from the dacha where a complete delicious composition was made with fresh vegetables, fruits and products of «SPELO-ZRELO».

Спело-Зрело - продукты питания

Walking in the Russian forest with a pot of pickled mushrooms "Gifts of Russian forests" has brought good luck - a full basket of mushrooms, and well-deserved prize!

The second place went to Julia Sycheva.

Спело-Зрело - продукты питания

The photo of Egor Podporinova raised smiles and received third place, as a monument with an apron is not something we see everyday.

Спело-Зрело - продукты питания

The winners in the category of activity:

1. Svetlana Podporinova

2. Alexander Gilenko

3. Oleg Gorlanov

Congratulations! Travel with «SPELO-ZRELO» and «Diamond» Holding


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