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SPELO-ZRELO in a new sunny image!

While the whole country remained in a sweet delight and dreamed of future vacations at the seaside, Diamond Product Company (Diamond Holding) worked hard on a new design for its popular brand of berry, fruit and vegetable preservation SPELO-ZRELO. We did our best to give the customer some summer emotions besides high quality products from the South Russian fields by totally changing the labels of our products, as well as the logo SPELO-ZRELO itself.

As soon as autumn with its cold breath forces us back into our houses, we feel the lack of the sunlight and warmth more. The further we are from the careless summer, the shorter the daylight, and the heavy sky is filled with dirty clouds above the city. But don't get cast down! We decided to bring the beam of sunlight to every home by decorating every jar of our products with the memories of the summer time. « The taste of summer!» - This is the new motto of our newly designed SPELO-ZRELO brand which has in it the joys and the positive energy of summer. Every label became sunny and iridescent, as it keeps inside it a piece of summer, brought from the Russian South.

More than 15 proven branding agencies took part in the contest for development of a new design conception. «Getbrand» agency, which is one of the ten best Russian branding agencies and is a member of the Executive Board of Russian Brand Consultancy Association, won the contest. One of the top-priority of its business objectives is consumer goods and they were involved with food brands such as Heinz, Miratorg, Vkusnoteewo and others.
 - The task was to make the brand more up-to-date, bright and attractive. It was not only to highlight the product on the competitive shelves, but to fill it with positive emotions and improve communication with the consumer. Also to highlight, that this is a high quality Russian product, filled with the Southern sun, - said Andrey Gornov, General Director of the «Getbrand». – And we can track our success. Indeed! Diamond Company carried a survey on the reactions of the consumers to the new products with great attention, doing numerous tastings. And we made corrections in our developments according to the feed-back received. As a result, more than 70 percent of the people surveyed had chosen the new design!
Let’s check, how much have changed the new labels of our jars?
The new label of the canned green peas captures the eyes at first glance on the shelves meaning that it is much brighter and sunnier than the previous one. The merry peas from the Russian South are swirled in the sparkling whirlpool of the sun and within a little while they get into our jars.
The new label of canned mixed vegetables SPELO-ZRELO has the same attraction. It became transparent! Thus the contents of the can are more tempting, as nothing is hidden from the view of the customer. The juicy colors of the southern vegetables are all visible. Here, you can see as well the rainbow – indeed! What can be better for the growth of the natural tomatoes and cucumbers than the warm summer rain?

The real masterpiece is the new SPELO-ZRELO jam jar! Not only was the label redesigned, the shape of the jar was as well too. Now, it has an unusual conical shape and the carved berries of raspberry, strawberry and currant as a figured skirt elegantly supplements the composition.

The new SPELO-ZRELO design was tested by a special agency. It was an in-hall test and with a live audience who were our direct customers during the Jam fest. Who else knows better if not them which jar would be chosen on the supermarket shelves? The result is similar in both cases –A new sunny and bright label attracts everybody.

We cannot but wait impatiently for the moment when our products will sparkle on the shelves of the supermarkets. We invite you to feel the taste of the hot sunny summer with our carefully harvested delicious fruits from the South of Russia during the autumn and winter days!

It’s time for us to get down to the development of new POS materials that will be brighter, juicy, and merrier.

SPELO-ZRELO. The taste of summer!



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