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ТМ "SPELO-ZRELO" on the pages of the printed publication CONSERVATIVE BUSINESS

According to the analytical data of BusinesStat, the Russian market of canned vegetables has a generally positive dynamics, and apart from the crisis year 2015, only for the period 2012-2016. sales of canned vegetables increased by 5.4%.

The popularization of conservation on an industrial scale is caused by such factors as urbanization, increasing employment and lack of time for women, as well as a dynamic rhythm of life in large cities. Much important is the fact that propaganda by the state and the public of a healthy lifestyle and consumption of fruits and vegetables in general.

Thus, in the coming years we can only expect the development and growth of the vegetable conservation market, where by 2021 the figure will be about 1.53 million tons. sales, and increase by another 14-15%.

In the Russian market, TM "SPELO-ZRELO" has taken a stable position and has a positive dynamics in development. Every year, we take part in various major industry events and events to strengthen partnerships with existing customers, and to establish new cooperation.

On the threshold of the exhibition PRODEXPO-2018, TM "SPELO-ZRELO" is located on the one of the largest market portal of the b2b market and a printed publication - KONSERVNY BUSINESS.

On the pages of the printed catalog, you can see a special 5-page TOP spread, which displays information about the most popular products of the Russian brand and a full range of products.


In the "Novelty" section you will find a detailed description of such goods as exotic pineapples and sunny olives /olives, which became "Hit of Sales" this summer.



And in the "Market Participants" section, the Partner can learn about our brand, the main advantages of the products and find contact information for communication.

These catalogs will be available at PRODEXPO -2018 in Moscow. And for those who prefer Internet technologies, you can familiarize yourself with TM "SPELO-ZRELO" on the industry resource

Throughout the year, we have a unique opportunity to inform portal users about the latest news and events of the brand "SPELO-ZRELO", as well as other brands of the Diamond Holding through mailings, as well as on the main banners of the site.

Diamond Holding and TM "SPELO-ZRELO" - we know how to do business.


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