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Urozhaevo TM in new design upgrade

Diamond Holding upgraded the design of its popular Trade mark «Urozhaevo».

Diamond Holding upgraded the design of its popular Trade mark «Urozhaevo».

We noticed how manufacturers compromise on the quality of the goods they produce year after year. Food products become less natural with a long list of taste modifiers, stabilizers, coloring and flavoring materials that are alternating in the composition resulting to bad quality of the goods, but in the meantime, the price rises. We overpay – but for what? Hopefully, not for the chemicals added which are nature-identical. The older generation recollects with sad hearts those times when the government with the help of GOST monitored closely the production technologies in the country as well as the quality of manufactured goods. Thus, cared about the nation’s health. Production as per state standards is the best reputation for any good!

A fresh harvest of the popular brand for accessible food products «Urozhaevo» which is produced by Diamond Holding now comes in canned jars with totally changed labels. The basis for the new conception of the package was the nostalgic idea of the soviet times when all the products were manufactured under the state’s supervision and strictly according to GOST.

Консервированные овощи Урожаево

Today, every buyer irrespective of his income level has the opportunity to buy natural canned products of our brand, made of vegetables harvested at the environmentally friendly fields of the Russian South, and is assured of the absence of unhealthy additives. In addition to this, he will be able to enjoy the forgotten taste and remember old times.

We decided to prove with our new design that nowadays, there are manufactured Russian goods which are natural and tasty. We are not nostalgic about the quality of the previous years, but today, we produce perfect Russian products for our compatriots at an acceptable price.

Preserves Urojhaevo

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