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«VALENKI» vodka – assortment enlarged!

«VALENKI» vodka – assortment enlarged!

Already well-loved «VALENKI» vodka, will interest you with a new and handy volume: the assortment has been enlarged with new sizes of Gold and Silver types in 0,25 and 0,1 litres.

Just wait a little bit – and nature will dress up in winter suits. Cold winds will spread through the great fields of Russia the limitless white snow cover made of lacy snow-flakes.  

But the Russian man is never afraid of hard frosts, as «VALENKI» vodka being a national character will always warm him up. While nature is only preparing for the new season renovation, the brand is already updated and appears in new volumes. Besides being well-known and loved in the volume of 0,5 litres, «VALENKI» will now have in addition new volumes of 0,25l and the tiny one - 0,1l.   

An alcoholic drink of high quality in a flask shaped bottle in a «handy volume» with only natural ingredients in the traditional recipe in combination with innovative technologies of ice filtration just for you.

«VALENKI» vodka. Let’s get warm together and handier! 

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