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Diamond seasons of new wines

«Кубанская корона» - вино Премиум – класса, получившее высокие оценки квалифицированных сомелье и лучших рестораторов.

Life is full of emotions! The brighter these emotions, the more amazing and interesting we live each day.  The flavored drink of gods – WINE – will let you enjoy every minute of these special moments!  

Once upon a time, a famous German poet and philosopher Goethe said: «Life is too short to drink bad wines!». That’s why «Diamond» Holding creates only high quality wines and superior wine drinks that will grant pleasure even to the most tempted and subtle connoisseurs of wine!  

Currently, we offer uncounted varieties of wines: red and white, dry and sweet, sparkle and liquor… But each wine brand of «Diamond» Holding contains its own specialty: one variety appeals as aggressive and delicate, the other velvet and silky, and the third is soft and elegant… 

Вино - Кубанская корона

«Kuban crown» - Premium-class wine that received high appreciation from qualified sommeliers and best restaurant-keepers. The design as well as high quality of the wine is produced on the rich Taman peninsula which throws out a challenge to the famous foreign analogs. Majesty of kings will take you a step closer to success with each gulp. 

Вино - Букет  Кубани

«Bouquet of Kuban» - high quality wine from the Russian South in an elegant bottle with a sunny vineyard on the label that will carry anyone in one moment to the bright, warm and flavored summer! The classic white and red wines with rich taste will be a welcome surprise even to the sophisticated buyers. 

Глинтвейн от Холдинга Даймонд

Mulled wine, heating and gingery will be especially essential in the period of winter evenings and New year holidays. From the first gulp, it will create an atmosphere of desirable meetings with loved ones and friends!

Sangria – an expressive drink of hot Spain – on the contrary will help to cope with the sultry intensity of emotions and refresh in the hot days. One glass blends two contradictions: the light taste of fruits and real Spanish temper, emotional fineness and relaxed siesta.



Unique wine drinks became a picturesque addition of the «Diamond» Holding wine assortment: «Ada Garrdan» series with Mulled wine and Sangria and «ROZZETO» Vermouth.

Вермут Rozetto от Холдинга Даймонд

Russian manufacturer «Diamond» Holding also issued a series of lighter wine drinks – «Southern garden» and «Magic of love» primarily for women. One of them will gift the serenity of a cozy yard somewhere far far away on a hot southern seaside. The plug of the other conceals magic and the mystery of love adventures that are eager to get out. 

Южный дворик - вино от Холдинга Даймонд

«Diamond» Holding – A perfect taste of an entertaining life! 


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