06 November 2014
Visit Paris... and buy VALENKI!!!!
“Valenki came ..." - roared over the hall on Sial 2014 exhibition in Paris. Wherever you go your feet would have brought you back to the stand of the Russian Diamond Holding.
16 October 2014
Newing! Cuisines of the World from "SPELO ZRELO"
"Cuisines of the World" have appeared in the kitchens of Russian people, together with a new line of national appetizers from SPELO-ZRELO.
02 October 2014
Andrew Mishurov, Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, Bari Alibasov, Irina Lychkovskaya
It is well known that Diamond Holding has many friends in the metropolitan fashionable society.
25 September 2014
"SPELO-ZRELO" - "Product of the Year 2014" at the exhibition "World Food Moscow 2014"
The SPELO-ZRELO brand once again participated in the one of the biggest international product exhibitions, the “World Food Moscow 2014” event.
24 September 2014
Vodkas VALENKI and KASATKA - “Products of the year 2014”
VALENKI vodka  and KASATKA vodka took part in the degustation competition at the exposition “World Food Moscow 2014”