11 September 2014
Diamond Holding invites you to the official site of SPELO-ZRELO
Diamond Holding presents the bright and juicy web-site of the preserved-food brand SPELO-ZRELO
10 September 2014
KASATKA vodka has appeared on sale in Kazakhstan
KASATKA vodka from Diamond Holding is quickly finding its place not only on the shelves in Russian shops.
29 August 2014
SPELO-ZRELO awaits you at the exposition World Food 2014
From the 15th to the 18th of September 2014, Diamond Product Ltd. (Diamond Holding) will take part at the well-known international exposition of edible products “World Food 2014”.
13 August 2014
Tasty Canned Spelo-Zrelo in the Crimea!
Crimea has returned to Russia, and Russians go to Crimea to enjoy the sun and the sea.
12 August 2014
"SPELO-ZRELO" formed queues at the Festival of Moscow jams
The producer of food and beverages, Diamond Holding created a commotion at the festival of Moscow jam!