01 August 2014
Diamond Holding has launched a new brand UROZHAEVO
20 tons of preserved cucumbers from UROZHAEVO were bought in Irkutsk in one day!
29 July 2014
PEARL OF ELBRUS natural water from Diamond Holding for the pilgrims of Sergiyev Posad
Bells rang that could be heard far beyond the surroundings early in the morning over Sergiev Posad. 
23 July 2014
"Diamond" Holding and the VALENKI vodka conquer the sky
Have you ever flown in a balloon? In a real huge balloon, floating majestically at a great height, higher than the birds fly? ..
22 July 2014
"RUSSKIY LES" (RUSSIAN FOREST) vodka is now available in the Finnish network "K-ruoka"
The RUSSKIY LES vodka was included in the range of the Finnish retail chain "K-ruoka" in St. Petersburg
10 July 2014
Interview with A. Mishurov on the activity of "Diamond" Holding
The Vice President of Diamond Holding, Andrey Mishurov, talks about what principles the work of the company is built on, for the Internet portal "Agrofudinfo".