23 May 2014
Diamond Holding sums up the project "1941-1945. Stories of the witnesses"
 Diamond Holding has launched the project "1941-1945 Stories of the witnesses" to the Victory Day as a tribute to the witnesses and participants of these heroic events.
22 May 2014
Adventures of the brand VALENKI in China
VALENKI vodka, led by a delegation from the Diamond Holding visited China as part of a world tour in late April.  
04 April 2014
VALENKI, hats with earflaps and stilts - winter send-off in Yakutsk at the VALENKI Party
Warm hats with earflaps and cheerful felt boots, bright stilts, flavored bacon, the cool vodka "VALENKI" and many beautiful young people - saw the city of Yakutsk on the last weekend of winter at the VALENKI Party.
02 April 2014
The Russian vodka VALENKI has been appreciated by the Heads of Diplomatic Missions of Latin American countries
A meeting with a perfect, exposure to classical masterpieces of Russian art is a long tradition of the Diamond Holding. 
31 March 2014
Zaur Balagov, the President of the Diamond Holding, on the Russian soul and the successes of the brand "VALENKI"
Here is the interview given by the president of the Diamond Holding, Zaur Balagov, at an altitude of 337 m above Moscow at the top of the Ostankino TV tower.