19 March 2014
Mushroom Gifts from Russian forests of the "SPELO-ZRELO" brand!
The brand SPELO-ZRELO introduces it’s new product - a mushroom line “Gifts of the Russian forest." This is a series of delicious marinated mushrooms packed in elegant, attractively decorated jars.
14 March 2014
Brand "VALENKI" at the Olympic Games in Sochi
VALENKI vodka not only loudly lit up the night club "The BorSch " with the VALENKI Party, but also visited, along with a delegation from VALENKI vodka, the Olympic venues to cheer on our team at the Olympics in Sochi!
12 March 2014
"VALENKI" Vodka at the anniversary evening "Sobesednik - plus or minus thirty"
Diamond Holding could not miss the big event – the first issue of the legendary color newspaper "Sobesednik" saw the light of day on the 23rd of February.
11 March 2014
How Diamond Holding and VALENKI made a film
A large-scale shot of the short film "The New Adventures of foreigners in Russia" was held in the last days of winter near Moscow as part of a creative project of Diamond Holding and the brand VALENKI.
06 March 2014
Traditional RUSSIAN packing of the VALENKI vodka
When you are talked about packing for a bottle of vodka, what do you imagine? A boring wooden, plastic or cardboard box. And what if it is a soft one?