03 March 2014
Diamond Holding with "Russian ballet" of V.Gordeeva
The premiere of the play "Recognition" has taken place in this day, dedicated to the history of Russian ballet from the era of the Imperial Ballet.
25 February 2014
"SPELO-ZRELO" at Prodexpo 2014 - from silver to gold!
The company Diamond Product Ltd. (Diamond Holding) under its flagship brand, SPELO-ZRELO showed all of its impressive range of canned products .
20 February 2014
Vodka wholesale of Diamond Holding own brands
A manufacturer of food and alcoholic beverages, Diamond Holding, was actively involved in the large international exhibition "Prodexpo 2014".
18 February 2014
SPELO-ZRELO has won the Best Product of the Year 2014
The conserves of SPELO-ZRELO from Diamond Holding, already known throughout Russia, have won several gold medals in the category "Best Product of the Year 2014".
18 February 2014
Range of SPELO-ZRELO - video presentation of products
Here is an interactive presentation of the product range of the SPELO-ZRELO brand, which presents its canned fruits and vegetables of 2013