18 February 2014
KASATKA vodka has received the Gold Medal at the Tasting Contest, Prodexpo 2014!
KASATKA vodka won the gold medal for excellent quality in February 2014. 
14 February 2014
The brand "VALENKI" has lightened stars on its first birthday!
The brand VALENKI celebrated on a large scale a grand event - its first birthday, on February 11, 2014 in the concert hall "Korolevskii" at the Ostankino TV tower complex! 
14 February 2014
VALENKI vodka has won the Gold medal for quality at Prodexpo 2014
VALENKI vodka appeared in all its glory at the professional tasting committee in the competition for quality goods in February.
13 February 2014
The VALENKI PARTY in Sochi 2014. Celebrate the Olympics and February 14 with the brand VALENKI
The brand VALENKI vodka  continues to spread across Russian cities with the project VALENKI PARTY. 
10 February 2014
LIGHTNING! Laser show from Diamond Holding on Ostankino is a project worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records!
A laser show is one of the fashionable trends now. And the Diamond Holding follows the trends, presenting a unique laser show on the facade of the Ostankino TV tower.