06 March 2017
"CORTILE RITORTO" - Italian collection in the best traditions of winemaking.
Holding Diamond represents a new line of Italian wines, CORTILE RITORTO, which embodies elegance and character of romantic and passionate Italy.
23 February 2017
«Diamond» Holding congratulates men with the wonderful holiday – «Defender's Day»!
20 February 2017
Meet the spring with a Pancake week!
A pancake week – is the most long-expected holiday for many people which is celebrated very grandiose as much as 7 days. 
06 February 2017
Happy bartender!
The Day of the bartender - a relatively new holiday, which is celebrated on 6 February.
31 January 2017
You know that not only humans and pets have the day of birth, but also the vodka has too - and this January 31.