«SAPERAVI» wine of «Kuban Crown»

red dry table wine

«SAPERAVI» wine of «Kuban Crown» line - is a high quality Russian wine made from selected grapes of «Saperavi» sort.

It is a rich, deep and well-formed wine with an intensive color of dark ruby. Silky and bright for taste with pleasant roughness and light cherry tones.

It will perfectly complement dishes of hot pork or beef. It should be served chilled at 14-16°С

Volume 0,75 l
ABV 10-12%
Bottle Storica
Caloric content 330kJ\100ml, 80kcal\100ml, Carbohydrates – 0.2 g
Pieces in pack 6
Expiration date Not limited under the conditions of storage
Storage The ventilated, without foreign smell premises preventing from direct sunlight, at a temperature of 5 to 20C and relative humidity of 85%
Country of Origin Russia


Assortiment of champagne

Interesting facts

  • All sources agree that the birthplace of the grapes - Georgia. At the same time it is the undisputed leader among the more than 600 other popular varieties.
  • Saperavi of the Holding "Diamond" - an acerbity of the wine with a predominance of sonorous notes of cherries.
  • The wine is ideally suited to the traditional Georgian cuisine dishes of juicy and fatty meats.
  • All of us have heard the name of this wine, but few know its translation from Georgian - "dyer", because the berries have typical burgundy with purple tint color not only skin, but also the flesh. Therefore, the present Saperavi wine is very easy to distinguish when tasting - after your mouth and teeth will become purple

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