President's Message

Заур Балагов - президент холдинга Даймонд

A desire gives birth to a dream...

And if your dream is so strong that it turns into a goal to achieve and you do all your best, then certainly it will be achieved. This was the principle of our Company. This principle applies to everything we do and will do.

Today we create new successful, beautiful, and emotional brands,. And a strong team capable of investing in them all its energy, talents and dreams, turning it into the main business of its life.

We have already done a great deal to get closer to our dream - to become the undisputed leader on the Russian alcohol and food markets, but we aim to achieve even more.

I am convinced that only ambitious people can meet ambitious challenges. Only love and inspired people can create a product that can amaze other people, cause them to whoop with delight. Love is creative. From love happy kids are born. Wings grow in a loving man, which carry him to his dream, to new victories. Everything happens when you are in love. To love your Motherland, your family, your job, the people who betrayed you, and the product that you create. And if you put all this together with unshakable faith in your success, it will surely come to you. Success is leadership, freedom, self-respect. It is happiness and satisfaction with life. It is an opportunity to do more for those who depend on you. Success is a victory!

 I wish all who choose our brands, our employees and partners to have a worthy goal, love, and faith in his business, success and VICTORY! 


President of Diamond Holding

Mr. Zaur Balagov


Assortiment of champagne