Kuban Crown

Kuban Crown Wine by Diamond Holding

The «Kuban Crown» is a noble wine with delicate taste, issued in limited edition for the most accomplished clients. It is produced from selected grapes, harvested on the productive fields of the sunny Russian Pearl - Taman peninsula. It has many-sided taste and a magnificent aroma of a real royal wine. The «Kuban Crown» wines are produced from the usage of only first expression grape juice – this wine material is of the best quality and price, which is then passed through the classical technology of production under control of qualified wine-makers.

The stylish bottle «STORIKA» and its unique design has images of royal attributes as the conceptual basis to deliver the character of a god regent life, which mean possession of only the best and expensive things. It portrays possession of wealth and assets of the kingdom, accommodation in luxury chambers, wearing of unique, exclusive dresses, and the pleasure of bright, pompous feasts in their name…

«KUBAN CROWN» - the regal diadem of tastes!

An exclusive wine for those, who appreciate tradition, quality and choose only the best! 

Brand types

«MUSCAT» wine of «Kuban Crown» line – is a high quality Russian wine made from selected grapes of muscat sorts.

white semisweet table wine

«SAPERAVI» wine of «Kuban Crown»

red dry table wine

red semisweet table wine 

white dry table wine

Assortiment of champagne