Holding history

  • Changes in business concept.
  • The transfer to the creation and implementation of products under our own brands.
  • The opening of a new Preservation business branch.
  • Creation of Spelo-Zrelo® brand.




  • Opening of a new business branch — mineral water and fruit juice drinks.
  • Creation and product launch of a new Pearl of Elbrus® brand.
  • Creation and product launch of new vodka Valenki® and Kasatka® brands. Vodka Valenki® is the winner of the Industrial Design of the Year category in the “The Form and Brand” nomination.
  • Product line of Spelo-Zrelo® brand reached 50 positions.
  • Regional distribution covered the whole territory of Russia (83 regions).
  • Development of Holding’s new policy design and restructuring.












  • VALENKI vodka was awarded the title "Alcohol drink of the year 2014" in Russia according to the FORBES magazine.
  • Vodka Valenki® and vodka Kasatka® were awarded with a gold medal at Prodexpo 2014 for outstanding quality.
  • Pickled gherkins and grated lemon with sugar of the Spelo-Zrelo® brand was announced to be the best product of the year.
  • Assortment of Spelo-Zrelo® brand expanded to 80 positions.
  • The company entered the international market — the CIS countries, Israel and Mongolia.
  • "SPELO-ZRELO" products became "The best products of the year 2014"
  • "SPELO-ZRELO" brand became the laureate of the National annual Award "Healthy nutrition"
  • Company-producer OJSC “Diamond Product” (Diamond Holding) became the best company-producer in the RF in the category “Products after processing of fruits and vegetables” of the National award “Healthy Nutrition”.
  • Launching and creation of a new brand of accessible vegetable conservatives “Urozhaevo”
  • The memory marathon, devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory “1941-1945 The stories of the eyewitnesses”, organized by Diamond Holding, became the winner of the national program and was announced as “The best social project in Russia of the year 2014”
  • Opening up international markets for alcohol drinks. Participation in the biggest international exhibitions <a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.gc-diamond.com/en/news/chinese-people-talking-russian" href="http://www.gc-diamond.com/en/news/chinese-people-talking-russian" target="_blank" title="PROWINE CHINA 2014 - A new international exhibition in the life of the Holding Company " diamond"="">ProWein China 2014 (Shanghai), SIAL 2014 (Paris).
  • The creation of own brand “The First Russian Product” and opening of a new business/product line - Meat and fish conservatives.
  • Participation in the biggest international exhibition ProWein 2015 (Duesseldorf) and the beginning of deliveries to Germany.
  • KASATKA vodka was awarded Silver medal in the prestigious international contest of alcoholic spirits in Berlin 2015 and was declared the “Wheat vodka of the year” and also won a Gold medal for its perfect taste qualities at the 2015 International Spirits Challenge in London.


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