KASATKA vodka – is a young but successful federal alcoholic brand. Its soft balanced taste perfectly combines with its stylish noble design. KASATKA vodka is presented in two tastes — KASATKA Classic in a blue-white tone, resembling the ice water of the oceans, and black-white KASATKA Lux, just like the orca itself. 

The orca – is a predatory marine mammal which epitomizes strength, freedom and overcoming. They roam the ice seas from the Arctic region to Antarctica and they have no limits! Their warlike beauty is embodied in our new KASATKA vodka.

And if you are engulfed by the vastness of the oceans, if you are intoxicated by the spirit of freedom, if you appreciate determination and sharp mind, KASATKA vodka - is the answer to your wishes!


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Brand types

Natural extract of natural amber


The Gold medal for quality at the International SPIRITS Challenge 2015 (London)
«KASATKA» vodka not only took a medal place, but was awarded the Gold Medal for its superior taste quality
The Wheat vodka of the year (Berlin) Berlin International Spirits Competition 2015
Berlin applauded the pure taste of KASATKA vodka at the prestigious international annual contest of alcoholic spirits Berlin International Spirits Competition in February of this year.
The Best product of 2015 year. PRODEXPO
The KASATKA Classic vodka won the Gold Medal for quality! The tasters emphasized on its softness and balanced taste, which is perfect thanks to the special ice-filtering method and mineral ingredients of the Northern seas.
KASATKA vodka – The product of the year 2014
In September 2014, KASATKA vodka won the title of – Product of the year 2014 at the World Food Festival 2014. The degustation committee noted the softness, the specific taste and unique recipe with sea salt and extract of mountainous amber.
KASATKA vodka – the best vodka 2014
In February 2014, KASATKA vodka became the desrving owner of the Gold medal for perfect quality. This well -deserved prize was awarded to the product at the annual Degustation competition which has been held for the 16th time at the world exposition «Prodexpo 2014» (Moscow, 10-14 February 2014).

Assortiment of champagne

Interesting facts

The innovative method of filtration with crystals of ice give the KASATKA vodka a wonderful soft taste. Effective coal filters, complementing the technology of “silver filtration”, as well as the final thin filtration through nanofilters, make the KASATKA vodka the champion of cleanliness!
The Orca can only live in clean water, that is why the basic component of the KASATKA vodka – pure artesian water from underground lakes. During its production, we use a specially selected alcohol “Lux”, each batch of which is tested for cleanliness with the help of an electronic chromograph.
The bottle design is presented in matte black and matte blue version where the shoulders and the bottom of the bottles are in the form of an iceberg, and the form of the bottle smooth transitions into a square (at bottom of the bottle) into a circle (at the top).
KASATKA LUX vodka - this exquisite soft vodka for lovers of special drinks: in addition to the sea salt contains natural extract of natural Baltic amber, which has many useful properties.