KASATKA LUX vodka, 0.5 L

KASATKA LUX vodka – it is an exquisite soft vodka for connoisseurs of special drinks: apart from high-quality alcohol “Lux” and pure artesian water, the following components are present: sea salt, which give the vodka a real sea freshness, as well as a natural extract of natural amber, which has several useful properties.

Available sizes 0,5 L
ABV 40%
Bottle Exclusive
Pieces in pack 12
Calories 930kJ\100ml, 220kCal\100ml
Ingredients Drinking water, alcohol of Lux variety, sugar, sea salt, acidity regulators.
Storage from -15 to +30С for a humidity not exceeding 85%
Country of manufacture Russia
Shelf Life Unlimited



The Gold medal for quality at the International SPIRITS Challenge 2015 (London)
«KASATKA» vodka not only took a medal place, but was awarded the Gold Medal for its superior taste quality
The Wheat vodka of the year (Berlin) Berlin International Spirits Competition 2015
Berlin applauded the pure taste of KASATKA vodka at the prestigious international annual contest of alcoholic spirits Berlin International Spirits Competition in February of this year.
The Best product of 2015 year. PRODEXPO
The KASATKA Classic vodka won the Gold Medal for quality! The tasters emphasized on its softness and balanced taste, which is perfect thanks to the special ice-filtering method and mineral ingredients of the Northern seas.
KASATKA vodka – The product of the year 2014
In September 2014, KASATKA vodka won the title of – Product of the year 2014 at the World Food Festival 2014. The degustation committee noted the softness, the specific taste and unique recipe with sea salt and extract of mountainous amber.
KASATKA vodka – the best vodka 2014
In February 2014, KASATKA vodka became the desrving owner of the Gold medal for perfect quality. This well -deserved prize was awarded to the product at the annual Degustation competition which has been held for the 16th time at the world exposition «Prodexpo 2014» (Moscow, 10-14 February 2014).

Interesting facts

  • The design with a picture of this magnificent mammal is developed in two types — vodka “KASATKA” Classic in a blue-white tone, similar to the ice waters of the ocean, and black-white KASATKA Lux, similar to the color of the Kasatka (orcas).
  • They are not afraid of anything — since they do not have natural enemies! The travel along the ice seas from the arctic region to Antarctica and they do not have limits! These are actually the qualities we wanted to embody in the new KASATKA vodka!
  • In the recipe of this exquisite vodka, we use natural sea salt which gives the drink a fresh unique taste.
  • An innovative method for filtering using the ice crystals, gives KASATKA vodka an excellent soft taste. The main content of KASATKA vodka — pure artesian water from underground lakes.

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