VALENKI GOLD vodka, 0.5L

VALENKI GOLD vodka, 0.5L

VALENKI vodka - is a return to a taste for native culture and aesthetic natural materials to the life of a contemporary person, since it is prepared only from the best ingredients using traditional Russian recipes.

The content of the product: artesian water, high-quality ethyl alcohol «Lux» with added sugar.

VALENKI GOLD vodka is created using an infusion of linden flowers, and natural honey.

Volumes 0.5 l
ABV 40%
Bottle Exclusive
Cork Guala
Available sizes 12
Shelf life Unlimited
Ingredients Water, alcohol
Country of origin Russia


Promotional materials


The best alcohol brand in 2014
VALENKI vodka recognized as best alcohol brand 2014 according to the authoritative magazine FORBES.
The best FMCG website in 2014
VALENKI brand added one more title to its prize thrift box – “Golden website 2014” with the nomination “The best FMCG website”.
VALENKI - Product of the year 2014 at WORLDFOOD
VALENKI Gold vodka received well-deserved recognition by becoming the gold medal winner and the title of Product of the year, 2014!  
Gold medal Prodexpo 2014
The main prize of the year 2014 – Gold medal at the Prodexpo 2014 for its excellent quality for vodka VALENKI. 
VALENKI vodka – winner of the nomination for  «Industrial Design of the Year» 2013

Assortiment of champagne

Interesting facts

  • Russia – country with illimitable space, and valenki is one of the symbols of the native soul, embodying its specific mentality. VALENKI GOLD vodka is a solution for any event or victory or as an unusual gift.
  • VALENKI vodka supports the national Russian football team!
  • VALENKI vodka is presented at the DUTY FREE MOSCOW Sheremetyevo.
  • VALENKI vodka organizes super-hot parties in clubs!
  • VALENKI vodka has an exclusive bottle in the form of a melted block of ice.

Новинка - Купажное вино