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1941-1945 Stories of the witnesses…to be continued

Quite a few veterans and participants left since the time of the Great Patriotic War. Only a few persons celebrated with us on the national holiday – the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. And we would like these brave persistent people, whose actions have led us to live today in a free country, to know that their heroic deeds were not forgotten. Their memories are great heritage and lessons of the past epoch. Diamond Holding will continue the marathon of memory «1941-1945 Stories of the witnesses», that became the best social project in 2014, when we take account and publish the stories of the national figures in our country about the War. Traditionally, each veteran receives a food basket of specially selected delicacies of our own brand SPELO-ZRELO  from the company employees just in time for the festive table. 

KRAVTSOV Boris - Attorney of the Russian SFSR, USSR Attorney General, deputy to the Supreme Soviet USSR, active member of the Academy for military and historical sciences. The hero of the Soviet Union. Master-spy of the 2nd battery 132nd guard artillery regiment 60th guard rifle division 12th army 3rd Ukrainian front. Decorated with the order of Lenin, October Revolution, 2 orders of Labor red banner, Patriotic war orders, national cohesion, a medal for Stalingrad defense and others. 

«In June 1941 I was called up for military service in the Red Army. I took part in defense battles in the Kharkov direction, Stalingrad defense, mousetrap of the 6th German army, Pavlodar and Zaporizhia cities redemption. 
And this story took place in 1943 on the Chortitza island, in the suburb of Zaporizhia city, where I was sent as a spy with a group of co-workers. The Germans recollected all the strength they had, and started to storm the foothold. The enemy started the countercharge, and an uncountable amount of bombshells flew to our side. The situation was at its peak and there was an urgent need to do something! Any delay meant captivity! I ordered our radio operator Mozgunov immediately to draw the gun-fire to us. Without hesitation, he sent the order: «Draw the fire towards us!» – and coordinated the attack. At the first moment, there was a misunderstanding at the observation post of the commander’s group – how could they fire on their own men? Only the repetition of the message assuaged all the doubts. This desperate step was not wasted – despite our wounds with the radio operator and broken radio station, we kept the foothold on the island and managed to defend it till reinforcement arrived. This way the island was cleared from enemies». 

The Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated March 19th, 1944 gave the senior guard lieutenant Boris Kravtsov a title; Hero of the Soviet Union with a decoration of the Lenin order and «Golden Star» medal for following the military missions of the command, courage and heroism.


He participated in the defense of Moscow. After 9th grade, he went to the front as a volunteer. During the war, he finished combat sabotage engineering mine laying school. He was wounded 3 times, shell shocked. After the war, he worked in Antarctica as a doctor, where he applied his war experience using the method of directional explosion. He escaped from ice captivity to a navigation position-finder station. He received numerous awards during the war and in peacetime. 

«The main aim of every front-line soldier during the fights with the enemy was to defend Moscow. Nobody could even think of the victory without keeping our capital! The battle for Moscow, had taken so many soldier’s lives who are forever stacked like shell fragments in the memory of the participants. A day fought for the defense of the capital is the most vividly remembered. The danger of Germans breaking through to Naro-Fominsk town was increasing. I and a group of 4 comrades were sent to attack the Ilino village. It was a great responsibility for our destiny, the whole battalion and family members, who stayed behind at the back and behind enemy lines. And what could be better for the creation of patriotic spirit among the soldiers and to instill in them the confidence if not the commissioner’s message before the task: «Folks, the issue of our battalion’s battle depends on the results of this spy-campaign. We wish you good luck and.. come back safely». Terse and clear, but who knows how many hopes and expectations were under these words? And the folks did their best, resisting hostile short-guns and mortar-guns, they stood up to the Germans with a guard «Katysha», sacrificing his own life for the sake of Victory. Three were killed, but I was located in the upper part of the ravine as a spotter, my 2 feet were fragmented with injuries. But I came back alive. »

TSIVILASHVILLI Akaki, experimental scientist in the R&D establishment of aviation and cosmic medicine of Ministry of Defense and top secret department for the preparation of man flight to space. He was a participant of the project «Apollo Soyuz». He passed the war from Stalingrad to Berlin and was wounded near Sevastopol. He received numerous awards during the war time and during peace years. 

«I think I am a lucky man. Several times I was in deadly situations, and almost every time I remained unharmed.» I helped provide a hospital and health service attendants at the battle fields for lots of our compatriot’s lives where they rested from hostile guns. I got injured after the liberation of Stalingrad, at the territory of the Ukraine. The main aim of the troops was to enter the location of the Germans and destroy them. At first the troop successfully coped with the task, but soon the Germans recovered and got reinforcements, we had to retreat. Of course, a lot of soldiers were wounded. The first order, I received was for this task – «Red star order» I also had other injuries – during the Stalingrad defense, near Sevastopol with a wound on my foot. The fourth time, it was in Baltic States, not far from Shaul: the most amazing thing was that our horses were killed, and we together with 2 medical instructors were only stunned. I believe, we had protection from a Guardian-Angel during the war time. »

Akaki was very grateful for the employees of Diamond holding for a hearty visit full of congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the Victory day:

«I am very grateful to Diamond holding for this unexpected visit and delicious presents. Thank you Diamond Holding for being attentive to our National history.» 


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