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NEW: wine drinks from the Diamond Holding

Diamond Holding presents a novelty of sweet wine drinks - Vermouth "ROZZETO" and Mojito "ROZZETO".

Vermouth "ROZZETO" is an original drink that is very popular, either at any party, or just when spending time with friends or family. For all this, Vermouth is considered the best aperitif before meals, excellently arouses appetite and is a drink "all day drink".

A distinctive feature of vermouth (unlike the rest of the wine drinks) is a kind of bitterness combined with sweetness in taste and a heady fragrance of spices and herbs such as wormwood, cloves, coriander, vanilla.

The recipe of Vermouth "ROZZETO" has been designed so that this beverage can be consumed both in its pure form and as one of the components of cocktails.

Mojito "ROZZETO" is another novelty from Diamond Holding.

This drink has already won the love of many consumers and will firmly hold the position in the ranking among classic drinks.

A refreshing and invigorating cocktail is especially popular during the summer period, because it harmoniously combines the taste of lime and mint, and also excellently reveals its taste with the addition of ice cubes to the drink.

Mojito "ROZZETO" is a ready-made product that is ready for use. Nevertheless, it can be used for making other cocktails.

The invigorating cocktail Mojito "Rozzeto" and light Vermouth "Rozzeto" - this is a great mood in any company!


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