20 December 2016
Congratulations to the veterans with the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow!
75 years of the counter-offensive of the Soviet Army over the Nazis in the Battle of Moscow.
10 November 2016
We always take care about all manufactured products are of the highest quality 
26 October 2016
«SPELO-ZRELO» announces the results of the 2016 photo trip
The time has come when the "Diamond" Holding sums up the competition "Travelling with «SPELO-ZRELO», which a lot of people took part in!
19 October 2016
Sparkling beverage «ROZZETO» - Bright emotions of your life!
Holding «Diamond» introduces a temperamental and stylish as Italy itself, the bubbly «ROZZETO».


Assortiment of champagne