28 December 2015
Another year of our co-operative work is over. 
24 December 2015
«Кубанская корона» - вино Премиум – класса, получившее высокие оценки квалифицированных сомелье и лучших рестораторов.
Life is full of emotions! The brighter these emotions, the more amazing and interesting we live each day.  The flavored drink of gods – WINE – will let you enjoy every minute of these special moments!  
16 December 2015
«SPELO-ZRELO» brand animates Russian streets
«SPELO-ZRELO» brand animated the streets of Russia with bright colors of multicolored vehicles. 
14 December 2015
«VALENKI» vodka – assortment enlarged!
  Already well-loved «VALENKI» vodka, will interest you with a new and handy volume: the assortment has been enlarged with new sizes of Gold and Silver types in 0,25 and 0,1 litres.  
23 November 2015
«SPELO-ZRELO» brand endorsed by «Moda Topical» magazine.
«SPELO-ZRELO» brand shares the secrets of natural and healthy food products with the readers of the «Moda Topical» magazine.             


Assortiment of champagne