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Another success for Diamond holding’s vodkas

Another success for Diamond holding’s vodkas

During the 17th International tasting competitions PRODEXPO 2015 – the famous Diamond Holding’s vodkas won a couple of prestigious awards.

The KASATKA Classic vodka in particular won the Gold Medal for quality. The tasters emphasized on its softness and balanced taste, which is perfect thanks to the special ice-filtering method and mineral ingredients of the Northern seas. 

Водка “Kasatka” Classic получила Золотую медаль за качество

The popular RUSSIAN FOREST vodka, which recently changed its design, also won an award – Silver medal for quality, immediately after the Gold for KASATKA vodka. The tasters positively evaluated the taste, aroma and drinkability of the RUSSIAN FOREST LUXE vodka.

Водка “Русский Лес” завоевала награду – Серебряную медаль за качество

Finally, VALENKI gold vodka was awarded the honorary diploma of the competition. It was so because, during the last PRODEXPO tasting competition, VALENKI vodka won the gold award!

Водка “ВАЛЕНКИ Gold” была награждена почетным дипломом конкурса

Summarizing the results of the tasting, the professional judges awarded Diamond Holding with the Product of the year 2015 award. 

Russian producer Diamond Holding produces only high quality alcoholic beverages and wholefood, which annually receives many awards and prizes from internationally recognized tasting competitions. 

Kasatka vodka
Russkiy Les vodka

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