05 May 2017 rss

Congratulations on the Great Victory Day!

Feast of courage!

Holding "Diamond" congratulates everyone on a great and holy day in our life - May 9! Exactly that day was the day of victory and the triumph of the Russian spirit over fascist Germany.

Thanks to the undaunted determination, the strength of the spirit and the dignity of the people, who gave their lives for their country, we have the opportunity to live in a bright and peaceful time. Exactly that day has the highest price of a peaceful sky overhead-the lives and destinies of war veterans and loggers.

Every day our starry regiment is getting smaller and smaller, and the holding «Diamond» is calling on all to preserve the memory and military glory of this great day so that our descendants will be equaled to their incredible feat and brought up with honor, dignity and devotion to the Motherland.

The Holding Diamond wishes to all the veterans a good health, endless longevity and immense happiness.

Long live the Great Victory! Congratulations!


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