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Diamond Holding and the VALENKI vodka conquer the sky

"Diamond" Holding and the VALENKI vodka conquer the sky

Have you ever flown in a balloon? In a real huge balloon, floating majestically at a great height, higher than the birds fly? .. It's hard to imagine, but people still only dreamt of flying just 200 years ago. Today we have the opportunity to see and touch that miracle, which recently shocked the whole of humanity and forever changed our outlook. The miracle of flight in hot air balloons. Modern balloons are different from their predecessors, but the physics of flight and awe in the hearts remain the same.

Balloons in the form of various figures, objects and images seem especially mysterious and attractive today. They are called special forms. It is not just balloons, but the embodiment of artistic ideas in a complex structure that comes alive when the pilot lights the burner.

Sky St. Sergius 2014 - OOO GC Diamond Sponsor

The Russian festival of special forms of hot air balloons "The sky of St. Sergius" was held from the 18th to the 19th of July 2014 in Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the birth of St. Sergius of Radonezh. According to local legend, St. Sergius of Radonezh accepted monasticism in Khotkovo. Therefore, the local land is considered to be of Radonezh. And for twelve years in a row (that is how long the festival has been held for) the sky belongs to Radonezh.

Zaur Balagov balloons at the festival of St. Sergius Sky 2014

"I loved the balloon festival. It was the first time we have participated and sponsored this event, and I did not regret. It was unusual, and very spectacular! I would like to say special thanks to the organizers, they spent all their time in a worthy and interesting way. As for our hot air balloon flight, I want to say that I got a lot of adrenaline and positive emotions. It was so nice to feel the freedom of flying in the endless sky. Local beuaty spots, especially Lavra in Sergiev Posad, dazzle with a bird's-eye view. Our brand - VALENKI and Diamond Holding are very well mentioned on the two sides of the balloon, it was nice to see how our balloon flies in the sky "- shared with his impressions on the festival and the flight the President of Diamond Holding Zaur Balagov.

Sponsor Sky Festival of St. Sergius - Group Diamond and vodka VALENKI

Shugarov Sergey, Balagov Zaur Izatovich, Tarasenko Nikolai Pavlovich, Alexander Stepanovich Trigubchak
Shugarev Sergey is the President of the Federation of Aeronautics of Moscow Region,
Balagov Zaur Izatovich is the President of Diamond Holding,
Tarasenko Nikolai Pavlovich is a member of the President Union of the Federation of aeronautics,
Trigubchak Alexander Stepanovich is a Managing Director of FC "Olympus"

Diamond Holding  acted as one of the leading partners of this grand event and took a most active part with its alcoholic brand VALENKI. All day long the festival guests were entertained by artists, a quiz was held, the winners of which received prizes Diamond Holding - VALENKI T-shirts and baseball caps, as well as the VALENKI vodka.

Gifts from VALENKI vodka brand Gifts from VALENKI vodka brand

Everyone could take a photo with the unique VALENKI puppets made ​​in the form of a two-meter felt boot.

Photos with doll VALENKI

Zaur Balagov and valenki

In addition, Diamond Holding gave festival guests PEARL OF ELBRUS mineral drinking water, which was very suitable on such a hot day.

Pearl of Elbrus - sponsor of the event Sky St. Sergius Pearl of Elbrus - sponsor of the event Sky St. Sergius

One of the most brilliant shows began after sunset – the glow of balloons. Unique balloons in most unusual forms came to the festival from all over Russia. Thousands of enthusiastic spectators watched as fanciful figures rose and hovered in the sky: "Matryoshka", "Yellow Submarine", "Heart", the layout of the Kazan Kremlin and "King Bell" - the card and the symbol of the festival.

Balloon festival 2014 - Heaven of St. Sergius

And of course, the balloon from Diamond Holding with VALENKI glowed in the night sky too.

The balloon festival vodka VALENKI Sky St. Sergius 2014

Those who are especially lucky this evening, were able to climb into the sky, enjoy the warm summer breeze and get a bird's-eye view of the Sergiev Posad monastery, where at that moment the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh were touched by thousands of pilgrims. Diamond Holding  put a truck with its natural water "Pearl of Elbus" and handed out to many pilgrims  who stayed in the camp for many hours,.

A team of the top employees from Diamond Holding led by the President of Holding rose into the air in a balloon to conquer the sky of St. Sergius the next day, July 19.


"A balloon flight is an unusual phenomenon. It is a silent flight on aircraft, a beautiful view from above, where you can just lower your head down and see all the beauty of a bird's flight, - said Alexander Tichina, the regional manager of Diamond Holding.

- Unpredictable landing, because you do not know where you will land, where the wind will blow you. The balloon has neither steering nor brakes. Therefore, a balloon flight is an indescribable feeling which is breathtaking and stunningly beautiful".





Alla Zolotuhina - employee GC Diamond


"Hot air ballooning is great! Delightful, a feeling of happiness and fulfillment with LIFE - all of which I experienced during this wonderful flight.

Thanks to everyone who organized this flight. New feelings have appeared in my life!!! There was no fear. I just wanted to fly, fly and fly. I wanted to extend the flight time!!!

Time flew in an instant. I'm happy! THANK YOU A LOT!!! "- shared with the comments after flying Alla Zolotukhin, the sales manager of the Far East Region ..




Group Diamond balloon at festival 2014 - Sky St. Sergius

Flying in a balloon GC Diamond

Flying in a balloon GC Diamond


Diamond holding
Zaur Balagov

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