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«Diamond» Holding congratulates with the upcoming Victory Day!

«Diamond» Holding in advance of the Great Victory holiday congratulated the war veteran of the rearward areas – Evgenia Larionova – the professor of the Higher Theatre School named after M. S. Schepkin, Doctor of study of art and Honored Artist of Russia.

«Diamond» Holding's own social project «1941-1945 y.y. The stories of the eye-witnesses» is going on its wandering through years. In terms of this initiative the employees of the company are writing down the stories about war time told by notable figures of Russia. This is a reminder to all the later generations about the importance of the veteran contribution, who put maximum efforts for the Victory in the far away 1945 year.

The employees of the Holding one more time collected a big basket of tasty products of own brand «Spelo-Zrelo» and headed to meet Evgenia Larionova. Despite of her respectable age, you still can read in her eyes glance of a young girl full of life who is dedicated for theatre till present time. 

- My addiction to the theatre started in the middle of the war period, - says Evgenia Larionova. Everything started from the hobby group in the Home of pioneers in my native town Ivanovo. Then it was among a few soviet cities, where the enemies did not stepped in yet. But the breath of war could be felt: air raid alerts, roaring of the planes. 

The studies in schools were almost stopped with the beginning of war. Instead the scholars had additional work far from childlike: under the howling of the sirens to muster up all courage and help to carry the wounded to the bombshell, clear the railway lines at nights, work at the kolkhoz fields and in winter – clear away snow from the aerodrome. The government for help of this type distributed per piece of bread each 500 grams with the mix of potato, and it was possible to cut it only with a knife dipped in water in advance. 

- I remember, there was only one thought in head – remembers Evgenia Larionova, - to deliver the biggest part of it home, so that the mother could have some as well. The way home was long, and while I was going, baited off piece by piece, and then worried a lot, when just a small portion left for mother – the whole day had eaten nothing myself. 
But after 2 years of hard working in the rearward areas Evgenia started to prepare herself for a trip to Moscow to enter the theatre school, in spite of the protests from her mother. Familiar boys helped the future star to get into the train to Moscow through the open windows, where she was hiding the whole way on the third baggage shelve. It was hard time to have some money for the tickets the same as for food. 

And now on the table of Evgenia Alexandrovna there is a tasty basket with rich delicacies of «Spelo-Zrelo» brand priceless per the measures of war time. She hearty thanked the company for this treat:
- I would like to wish this generation to read more. Not in the internet, but the real books. Join in the Russian literature – read Bunin, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Turgenev and the poetry. Through these compositions open up different real-life situations. You are Russian producer as well. And this knowledge will definitely be useful in your business and work. 


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