05 May 2016 rss

Happy Victory day!

«Diamond» Holding congratulates with this Great Holiday – one more year since the victory over fascist Germany!   

Despite of the fact that this day moves further away to the depth of years, the victory has a great historical meaning for our country. Today, few people remain to whom we can personally say «Thank you» for the act of bravery. We would like so much that the current and future young generations honor and respect this important day and everything associated with it.

Most importantly, what we would like to wish on this day is peace and prosperity which our grandparents fought for. Let the clear sky and bright sun always be above our heads. Let victory accompany you everywhere and every time and let there be only kind and sincere persons next to you. Let the heart not know what is pain and grief, and let the victory parade always remain in your soul.   

Happy Victory day! Hurrah!



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