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The popular actor, Anton Privolnov congratulated the SPELO ZRELO brand on its winning of "The best brand” prize

Zaur Balagov, the president of the Diamond holding and actor Anton Privolnov at the Award Ceremony "Healthy nutrition"

The popular actor, Anton Privolnov, presenter of the show "Check Purchases" on Channel One, congratulated the SPELO ZRELO brand on its winning of "The best brand" prize at the annual national “Healthy nutrition” awards.

Zaur Balagov, president of the holding Diamond, actor Anton Privolnov and V.A.Tutelyan, at the Award Ceremony "Healthy nutrition 2014"

V.A. Tutelyan, Professor of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition –headed the award’s panel of judges and personally presented an Honorary Certificate to the President of Diamond Holding – Mr. Zaur Balagov. The whole ceremony took place at the DI TELEGRAPH conference facility on 31st October, 2014. 

SPELO-ZRELO is awarded with the rank of "The Best Trademark" at the "Healthy nutrition" award  SPELO-ZRELO is awarded with the rank of "The Best Trademark" at the "Healthy nutrition" award

Diamond Product Ltd. (Diamond Holding) also won the prize in the “Processed Fruits and Vegetables” category.

The "Healthy Nutrition” award is a very noble cause, which aims to attract society’s attention to health problems, particularly healthy nutrition. It is necessary to teach all customers to search for quality products and for all producers to manufacture only healthy goods. This represents the purpose – we can build a healthy society and prolong life” announced Mr. Tutelyan, while presenting the awards to the Companies that had made a contribution to the further advancement of healthy nutrition. 

SPELO-ZRELO is awarded with the rank of "The Best Trademark" at the "Healthy nutrition" award

The shortage of healthy nutrition is becoming more acute each year, and Diamond Product Ltd. as a domestic producer of processed fruit and vegetables products cannot stand idle and remain silent. This company has already taken the first step toward greater healthy nutrition, when it chose to produce it’s own products (under the SPELO ZRELO brand), which is the only right way, and to use only high quality domestic raw materials without any additives. Diamond Product Ltd. decided to use only the purest and most natural raw materials, which Mother Nature has given to us. 

Zaur Balagov, president of the Diamond holding, and Rita Anisimova, brand director of SPELO-ZRELO, at the award "Healthy nutrition 2014"

Participation of SPELO ZRELO brand in such kind of prestige award somehow made an appeal for everyone to pay attention on healthy nutrition importance. It was an appeal to all producers and customers! Producers were made aware that they can and must produce quality and useful foodstuffs in Russia, free from any additives, food dyes, or GMO’s, which slowly, but very effectively harm our bodies. All customers were asked to listen, watch, and then teach how to distinguish between a healthy product and an unhealthy one.

Zaur Balagov, president of Diamond holding - interview at the Award Ceremony "Healthy nutrition 2014"

“The main focus of our company’s strategy is to develop our business through our philosophy – the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and social responsibility. And this philosophy includes providing quality products for the whole population, initiation of proper nutrition in correct proportion to one’s health. It also presents new job opportunities and stabile salaries for all employees, helps all those who need it, through charitable activities and social projects.

I am sure, that all domestic producers, as well as businessmen like myself, the owner of this company, must adopt a more responsible approach to the quality of their products, because each of us, has a family that lives in this country and consumes these products.

The “Healthy nutrition” award is very important for us, and we view it as a distinguished title, as a sign of having products of the highest quality, which comply with high-level requirements and standards. This red apple symbol, a sign of high quality, will definitely appear on all SPELO ZRELO products to remind all our customers that they have made the right choice” emphasized Mr. Balagov, the president of Diamond Holding, while picking up the award.

Zaur Balagov, president of the holding Diamond, Rita Anisimova and Irina Lyczkowskaya, at the Award Ceremony "Healthy nutrition 2014"

Anton Privolnov – the master of ceremony, is well known for his findings on all products because on every show, he reveals the whole truth about the discussed product. But this time, he gave the highest marks to SPELO ZRELO's products!

Do you want to try SPELO ZRELO's products? Stop by the shops in your city, search on shelves for the SPELO ZRELO jars with the red apple symbol of the “Healthy nutrition award” and enjoy the proven and healthy products!

SPELO ZRELO – summer in each jar!

Zaur Balagov
Diamond holding

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