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VALENKI vodka puts on Battle Dress Uniform

Водка ВАЛЕНКИ надела камуфляж

Diamond holding, Producer of alcoholic brands is following today’s trends, by launching a new limited “military” edition of VALENKI vodka.

Водка ВАЛЕНКИ Gold military и ВАЛЕНКИ Silver militaryВодка ВАЛЕНКИ Gold military и ВАЛЕНКИ Silver military

There are two types of Valenki Military design – VALENKI gold military and VALENKI silver military.

This new line of VALENKI brand vodka can boast of a new camouflage paint label, which is not aimed to disguise it on shop shelves, but vice versa – it’s aimed to make VALENKI military even more unique and noticeable!

Водка ВАЛЕНКИ Gold military

This vodka is lot upon a section of patriotic minded consumers, who are ready, if necessary – to take weapons and fight for their homeland!

At the same time, the limited edition of the VALENKI military vodka is a bit vintage and of special value!


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