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We remember! «1941-1945 The Stories of eyewitnesses»

We are publishing new stories about the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

The Diamond holding social project «1941-1945 The Stories of eyewitnesses», which became the best social project in 2014 where famous Russian veterans and eyewitnesses share their experiences of those dark military days. These stories are published on the pages of popular newspaper and magazine editions — newspaper «Trud», magazine «Russia today», news websites and some social networking services.

The Lead Programmer of Diamond Holding Elena Chernishova visited the Colonel of the foreign intelligence USSR Aleksey Botyan to note down the war stories of the Hero of the Russian federation, and the legendary «son of the regiment», retired lieutenant general Anatoliy Mokrous.

Aleksey Botyan — the hero of many books and films about the war. He became the prototype of a legendary hero for a novel by Yulian Semenov «The Colonel whirlwind» and the marvelous film «Major whirlwind». In 2007, President Vladimir Putin signed a Decree to assign A.Botyan the title «the Hero of Russia» for his courage and heroism, shown during the rescue of Krakov city and its redemption from being destroyed.


Алексей Николаевич Ботян - ветеран ВОВ

The Star of the Hero is the last of the war decorations. Before this, were 2 Orders of the Red Banner, the Great Patriotic War order of the 1st rank, the order of Courage, the order of the Red Banner of Labor and the order of Poland. 
On the very first day of the Second World War (September 1st, 1939), he was in charge of manning the details of the air defense guns and shot down German «Junkers» above Warsaw. Some of the military operations of Botyan became part of a study guide for western intelligence agencies. In the West, he is called «Russian Skorzeny». Even after the Victory, Aleksey went on fighting at the invisible frontline for 40 years. But this part of his life is still kept confidential in royal files. Having a perfect memory at 98 years of age, he was unable to disclose some information due to confidential obligation but could only disclose a few about the war. 
- What do you remember about dramatic events during the war? 
- In a small town Ovruch, in Zhytomyr region that was organized by black-shirts as an outpost for fight partisans, Yakov Kaplyuk helped me. He worked as a superintendent with the Germans and had their Intel. When it had become clear that soon the experts for the fight with partisans will come to Ovruch from all the occupied eastern territories and even Berlin, we decided to welcome these high-ranking punishers like real partisans. Yakov and his wife Maria agreed to help Russians. We took over the cellar of the gibbet commissariat building with 150 kilos of triton, and set the delayed-action mine. It was set to explode on the first day of the guest’s arrival. In the morning, he took his family in a cart into the forest to the suburbs of Ovruch. At the planned time, the explosion was fired – the sky was full of fire and smoke. Under the debris of the building were more than 80 officers dead. We were able to reach the partisans camp within the night. All the heroes were awarded the Orders of the Red Banner. Many years later I was in Kiev and visited Yakov and Maria. She introduced me as a second Godfather. Unfortunately, after that I never saw them again.
Anatoliy Mokrous started his soldiering at the age of 12 as a «son of the regiment». To be more accurate, he was the foster-child of the airbase of the Black Sea Fleet Air Force in 1942. After that he climbed up the corporate and professional ladder and rose from command officer of the infantry platoon to the first deputy of the army officers, deputy of the command of the Baltic military district, first deputy of the head of the academy of Civil defense, advisor of the USSR Marshall Sergey Akhromeyev 
Elena Chernishova congratulates A.Mokrous on Victory Day
Elena Chernishova congratulates A.Mokrous on Victory Day 
- How did «your» war start?
- At the beginning of the year 1942, my family had to be separated: my father became the commander of the partisans group; I was 10 and together with my sisters and mother had to be urgently evacuated. At the port because of the mess and fuss, being close to despair, I lost my mother and sisters. The red navy men helped me and I went with them. So it happened to me at the air base. We thought maybe for a few days my mother would be found. But unfortunately, I had to stay there much longer and spent my whole life with the army. 
Of course, in the regiment I could not help a lot as a little kid, but all the tasks I did were scrupulous: I learnt how to prepare the missiles for shooting and watch the sky, how to hide during bombardments. One year later, after the first Suvorov Military Schools had opened – before the Nakhimov ones, I was sent to study. This predestined my next life.  
Traditionally, the employees of Diamond Holding presented the veterans product baskets with tasty delicacies of Spelo-Zrelo brand for their festive tables.
Happy Victory Day, dear veterans! We admire your great heroic deeds and are glad that we live at a time with you so we can pass all these memories to the new generations!


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