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Diamond Holding wins National Award

Diamond Holding wins National Award

Diamond Holding received a national award for having the best social project in Russia. The event which took place on the 2 nd March in Renaissance Monarch hotel in Moscow was created for companies of the private sector in order to support the Russian government’s policies on strengthening social politics on the basis of partnership between governments, society and business.

 Diamond Holding wins National Award

The program was aimed at drawing society’s attention to the importance of social issues by an exemplary demonstration of social problem solving and stimulating the enterprise in sharing the experience with others.

The event was attended by Moscow’s city top government officials, the agency of the strategic initiatives, the Department of national resources and environmental defense, and several top officials of the Russian private sector, who consider social responsibility and charity initiatives to be the most important part of business. 

The charity project of 1941-1945 called “the Stories of eyewitnesses”, organized by Diamond Holding, was announced to be one of the best social projects in Russia and was awarded an honorary diploma.

Представители Холдинга Даймонд в гостях у Балашова Виктора Ивановича

This wide-scale project and charity helps by putting down as evidence the stories of the old veterans who might be famous scientists, sportsmen, favorite actors or other famous characters of the older generation. It is a means of paying tribute to all the national heroes from one hand and on the other hand, conveying a message to the new generation that is lucky and has never seen war… This should be a reminder to us all about how Russians had a difficult victory over fascism…

Zaur Balagov and Evelina Bledans

The whole ceremony was conducted by actress and television presenter Evelina Bledans, who is actively leading the social mission of supporting families with children who have DS.

Zaur Balagov and Evelina Bledans

“When we had an interview with the TRUD newspaper about the project that was dedicated to the Russian victory day, we did not expect the project to have such a huge publicity neither did we think about awards” – says Mr. Zaur Balagov, president of Diamond Holding. “We received thousands of feedbacks from different people, young people, even teenagers, about our good works from people who witnessed the war, and published them on our web pages, social accounts and blogs. Unfortunately, the veterans are passing away… Their biographies are memories in themselves which will live with us forever… These are words “nobody forgets and nothing is forgotten” – we consider them to be our special mission. And we have plans to accomplish this project and continue publishing this wave of memories of the Second World War. Today, we are grateful and honored by this award that shows the society supports our modest desires in calling up every social oriented company to join our project of 1941-1945 “the stories of the eye-witnesses”. 

Заур Балагов на вручении Национальной Программы «Лучшие социальные проекты России 2014»


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