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Arseniy Mironov celebrates the Victory Day with «Diamond» Holding delicacies

Professor Arseniy Mironov who is a laureate with 2 state prizes, holder of the order of Lenin, order of the Red Banner of labor and order of the badge of Honor, the chief research scientist at the «Flight research institute named after M.M.Gromov» told «Diamond» Holding employees his war story prior to the Great Victory Holiday.

Arseniy Mironov in his 90’s is an ideal example for the younger generation. It is possible to be sincerely admired that a man his age perfectly lives in a house without an elevator and easily gets to the upper floors by stairs. Moreover, he enthusiastically goes on with his scientific activity in the nearby Institute, and is also interested in the latest achievements and researches in his sphere. 

Upon his first flight exactly 3 days before the war started, Arseniy Mironov was an engineer-researcher. Truthfully speaking, at that time Arseniy was sitting on the floor with cardboard boxes in his hands and a pencil, making drawings of the upper surface of the wing in the process of flight. The young researcher completed his first mission with excellence, as he successfully graduated from the aeroclub while studying in Moscow Aviation Institute. Arseniy made the second research flight in a week already during the war time.

At the beginning of the war, Arseniy was sent to Novosibirsk on a mission, where he combined 2 positions at once – researcher and the head of the parachute service at the smooth-running manufacturing of «YAK» - destroyer. Each one of the 7 available parachutes for the pilots, headed to the frontline, was checked personally by young Mironov. He carried this feeling of a higher responsibility for the destinies of other people throughout his life. There was one case as well when his own life depended on the others – a doctor.

- Actually, I was never a big drinker, but once I drank too much alcohol. That happened when I was transferred to the hospital from the aerodrome, where our plane crashed during the war time.

As a painkiller, the wounded had half the glass of the spirit, to keep him till the hospital alive. That time as per the medical opinion, Arseniy Mironov almost died. But youthfulness and a desire to live helped him to cope with a serious injury for half a year.

- On the 9th of May in 1945, - he remembered, - I stayed overnight with my friends in Zhukovski town. Early in the morning, indiscriminate shooting woke us up. When we reached the windows, we saw joyful crowds of people at the streets. It was hard to believe, how many signal pistols people had. That day, of course, we celebrated victory. 

Finishing the dialog, Arseniy Mironov shared his secret of longevity per the request of «Diamond» Holding employees and gave some advices to our generation: Today, looking back from a distance of my long years, I can say for sure: my work was always the most important thing in my life. Even when ministers where not satisfied with my activities and threatened me with dismissal, the next day I recovered and went on doing my lifetime project. I would like to advice the young ones not to look at the first sign of prosperity - their salary, but search for an interesting job. A job you can devote all your life to without looking back.



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